Ming-Gene Tu
Radiological examination is an essential part of the diagnosis and management of endodontic disease. Radiological examination is usually limited to two-dimensional periapical images. CBCT images could provide essential information of the three-dimensional anatomy of the tooth/teeth and adjacent anatomy. CBCT scans reveal extra anatomy, relationships of structures, traumatic fractures, missed canals, resorptions, instrumentation-related issues such as perforations and help during treatment complications. Accurate measurements can replace certain working images and thus make up for the higher radiation patients receive during a CBCT scan. In this presentation, we will share some root morphology studies in Taiwanese population by using CBCT images. Furthermore, some endodontic retreated, calcified, internal or external root resorption cases which were accomplished in good results by CBCT for its relevant sagittal, coronal and axial slices of the area’s information. CBCT may become standard of care for some therapies, but it is not necessary for every root canal treatment.