Menik Priaminiarti
Since its introduction in Indonesia in 2008, CBCT has gained an important role in the Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology community as well as in Dentistry as general.
The lack of DMFR experts as a radiologist to interpret CBCT data and utilize it to its optimum functionality has been one of the problems in Indonesia nowadays. During the last few years, we gained professional recognition among other fields in dentistry, not only by always trying to put forward professionalism as a DMF radiologist but also emphasizing our specialty in CBCT.
This also, in turn, has led our professional association to be formally acknowledged by the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency of Indonesia as one of the key institutions in regulation development. This lecture will seek how CBCT gave remarkable change and explain the potential that it can offer to the future of DMFR professional community in Indonesia, as one of the largest developing countries in Asia.