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About Kimdaejung Convention Center
Address (61958) 30 Sangmunuriro, Seo-gu, Gwangju, South Korea
Telelphone +82-62-611-2000
Homepage https://www.kdjcenter.or.kr/eng
Kimdaejung Convention Center is superbly located in Sangmu-Jigu (District), the newly established heart of the Gwangju Metropolitan City, where delegates can experience Gwangju's many attractions, which include diverse accommodations from 5-star hotels to economy motels, bars and restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, parks, movie theatres, Christian churches, Buddhist temple, and sport facilities, unique for its focus on creative, cultural, entertainment and leisure activities. It can be reached easily from anywhere in Gwangju by subway, bus, and taxi, by train and air as well from outside of Gwangju.
Kimdaejung Convention Center is the premier exhibition and convention facility in the Honam region, the southwestern part of South Korea, and contributes to the development of culture, tourism, and industry of Gwangju. It is the perfect place for hosting various events, with its dedicated and professional staff and service excellence required for international conferences, exhibitions and performances. In particular, the exhibition hall named after the late president of Korea and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Kim Daejung, is located on the 1st floor of the Center, convincing the visitors that Kimdaejung Convention Center.